SleightDesigns is a creative design studio based in Pasadena, Ca.

We like to Design.|

We are a small team with big ambitions, and a large network of collaborators. To us, good design should be like magic. It should be delightful, effective and amazing.

We treat you like a partner from start to finish; and our process invites you to think with us, plan with us and tell your story together.

What We Do

Our work includes art direction, brand identity, web applications, and packaging. We like to approach every project from a human-centred perspective. We pride ourselves on being research-lead. A strong understanding of your audience, customer and even you is our base for creating meaningful and effective designs.


  • + Ideas and creative concepts
  • + Art Direction
  • + Branding
  • + User Experience
  • + Web Design
  • + Prototyping & Interaction Design
  • + Web Development
  • + Packaging

Running a Project

Phase 01

Discovery workshops. We like to start off with a discovery workshop to learn as much as we can about your business, who we are building for and what elements are needed. We define and map out the the bigger vision of the project to identify opportunities in the concept phase.

Phase 02

Creative concepts. We take all our learnings and produce various high-level concepts in order to start visualising possible solutions for each user journey. We do this through sketches, prototypes and wireframes. We dive deeper into how things will work and interact with each other. We iterate and refine our concepts to present to best design solution.

Phase 03

Visual design and build. This is where it all comes together. The final solution is scoped, built and refined. Cross platform and device testing enable us to have consistent user experiences throughout.